• Tea Ceremony

    Tea Ceremony(다도, Da-Do) has long been recognized in East Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan,as a distinctive art of harmonization of spirit and matter.
    It reflects a delicate emotion and aesthetic principle in the whole process of the Tea Ceremony – from young green tea leaves turned in to a cup of tea and delivered to visitors.
    Hagajea art museum offers vivid experiences of the Oriental senses in a traditionally decorated tea room.
    Enjoy a personal experience of the Tea ceremony, the Oriental spirit conveyed through elegant body movements and beautiful art pieces, while feeling the warm-heartedness from a cup of tea.
    It is an opportunity to explore the Oriental spirit through eastern tea culture, a beauty of silent elegance in contrast to the glamourous tea culture of the west.

    1. Introduction to Korean Tea ceremony Session

    You may enjoy a noble’s room in the Joseon Dynasty, recreated with Korean antique furniture and beautiful potteries, along with Korean matcha tea ceremony of a beautiful body gesture reflecting the principle of Yin-Yang & 5 elements. A cup of tea is provided personally by our curator dressed in Hanbok – the Korean traditional costume.

    2. Introduction to Japanese Tea ceremony Session

    Japanese tea ceremony represents Japanese’s art culture and long history of mind cultivation. You may explore the essence of Japanese culture in a silent traditional tatami room with a cup of tea, unique Japanese tea utensils and art pieces.

    Participation & Reservation Inquiries: martin@hagajae.com (English & Japanese available)

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  • Date of Writing : February 02, 2016