On May 27th Hagajae Academy will begin offering tea ceremony meditation classes in our tea room, 

    located in central Seoul near Jongno 3-ga subway station on the 1, 3 and 5 lines.

    If you are interested in tea ceremony or meditation, or if you want a unique experience of Korean culture, 

    we invite you to take part in a class!


    Enrollment is limited to 8 students, on a first-come first-served basis,

    so register today! To register, please contact Hagajae 

    by phone at  02-766-7647, or by email at martin@asianhappiness.com.



    Hagajae's Tea Meditation Class 


    This 90-minute class will give you a chance to see a traditional Korean tea ceremony and learn about the tea ceremony. 

    We will then guide you as you perform the ceremony yourself.

    We will also talk about some basic meditation concepts and how you can benefit from making tea ceremony meditation a part of your life. 

    Those who are interested will have a chance to learn about additional tea courses offered at Hagajae. 


    Hagajae Museum is not religiously affiliated, and our approach is based on medical meditation. 

    Medical meditation is simply practice maintaining mental sensitivity and responsiveness at the highest possible level.

    Regular meditation practice has been proven to strengthen your immune system, 

    improve your general physical and emotional health and improve your sense of well-being. 

    Tea ceremony meditation is easily available to anyone who is interested,

    and seeing the effects of the meditation doesn't take a long time. 

    Unlike religiously-based meditation techniques which require long periods of rigorous training, 

    Hagajae's Tea Meditation is available to anyone regardless of faith, religious, health, or cultural background.


    About the Instructor 


    The class will be led by the director of Hagajae Institute, Dr. Roy Ghym. 

    Dr. Roy Ghym studied Western medicine at Seoul National University Medical School, 

    as well as Traditional Korean Medicine at Gyung Hee University.

    While operated an anti-aging clinic in the fashionable Cheongdam-dong area of Gangnam in Seoul, 

    Dr. Ghym became convinced that stress was the primary cause of aging and ill health.

    He opened the Hagajae Institute to support people in creating healthy and fulfilling lifestyles for themselves. 

    Hagajae's Tea Meditation Program is a primary focus of the Institute. 


    Time and Place 


    The class will be held on Tuesday, May 27. It will begin at 7 pm and last about 90 minutes. It will be held in the tea room at Hagajae, overlooking the main gate of Changdeok Palace. Hagajae is accessable by subway from Jongno 3-ga station on the 1, 3 and 5 lines, or from Anguk Station on the number 3 line. It is across the street from Changdeok Palace. 


    - To get to Hagajae from Jongno 3-ga Station (subway lines 1, 3 and 5), come out of exit 7 and walk straight for 5-10 minutes. Hagajae is located across the street from Donhwamun, the main gate of Changdeok Palace, on the 2nd floor above Nescafe. 


    - To get to Hagajae from Anguk Station (subway line 3), come out of exit 3 and walk straight for 5-10 minutes. Hagajae is located across the street from Donhwamun, the main gate of Changdeok Palace, on the 2nd floor above Nescafe. Hagajae is located at Jongno-Gu, Waryong-Dong #122, 2nd floor (서울 종로구 와룡동 122번지 2층). If you get lost, please contact us by phone for directions at 02-766-7647. 


    Note: Please be aware that during the class, participants will be seated on the floor of the tea room.

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  • Date of Writing : February 04, 2016